Senior Operator

The Netherlands
5 years
Date listed
Jun 13, 2021

Job Description

The Senior Operator needs to follow strict safety and quality requirements help to achieve daily

production requirements in terms of quality and quantity to meet customer

expectations and requirements, optimizing efficiency and maintaining

operational excellence. Senior Operator is able to work on many/all areas of the production

the process with little supervision


  • Lining up the machines in the control room
  • Operating the machines as referred to in (insert process operators document number)
  • Operating the powder dissolving unit: setting the correct speed of the pump, opening packages and dispersing the powders, controlling the conditions of the machine.
  • Operating the homogenizer: setting the correct pressure, aligning the pumps and the valves, and controlling the conditions of the machine
  • Controlling the process and reacting to malfunctions
  • Reporting of malfunctions of the process to production manager
  • Reporting faulty packaging of raw materials and quality upon opening to quality control
  • Documentation of the quantity received of raw materials and reporting to the logistics manager
  • Start up the standard cleaning procedures for the line after production.
  • Documenting the time of cleaning and the concentration of the cleaning agent.
  • Visually check the filters after every cleaning procedure. And when these are dirty remove and clean them.
  • Compliance of the practical handling manuals according to Hygiene Standards
  • Checking the inventory of the supplies such aseptic bags, gloves etc.
  • Coordinate and unload/load tank trucks, visually check if the loading/unloading point is clean before filling/emptying the truck.
  • Comply with GPM according to the Welcome Instructions
  • In case of detection of an outside person in the facilities without accompaniment by company personnel accompanying the outside or to Production Manager


  • Over the process operators, coordinating the planning and giving instructions on carrying out the work.
  • Over the processes of dumping, filling, pasteurizing, loading and unloading tank trucks, premixing of powders, homogenizing and cleaning.

Required Experience

  • Education- MBO level min.
  • +5 years min. experience in the food and beverages industry
  • Forklift driver license
  • BHV

Key Qualifications

  • On-Time Final Delivery
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Processing Errors
  • Days to complete inventory template
  • Processes Automated / Systemized